Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike

Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Tricycle    Our rating: 4,5 stars Very good

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The Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike is a nice small toddler tricycle. Beautiful wooden design, great safety and good price – it`s one of the most popular vehicles in it`s category.

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  • High quality, very durable and sturdy
  • Safe and balanced
  • Cute, nicely crafted

  • Too small for larger kids
  • Recommended age: 12 months – 3 years

Wooden body

Nicely crafted wooden body is the main asset of the Classic Tiny Trike – lightweight, cute, sturdy and super durable. Much better than cheaper plastic bikes. And there are also some metal parts, mainly those most important like axle and turning.

Another big advantage is safety. There are actually 4 wheels that form a broad wheelbase, also the center of gravity is very low – which all means maximum balance and no tipping over.

Also it`s made for toddlers and small children (1-3 years), older will get probably bored as there are no pedals.


Other parts

This tricycle also has a fairly comfortable padded seat and some more fancy stuff – chrome handlebars with handgrips, red tassels and even a ringing bell.

The assembly is quite easy, it rolls well (those rubber wheels don`t left any marks on the floors) and turns with ease – well done.


The only disadvantage we were able to find is that the trike is quite small – so long strides don`t work (legs then interfere with the wide front wheelbase or the rear wheels). Kids has to use rather little ones and faster, particularly when they`re taller.

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