Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle    Our rating: 4 stars Very good

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The Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck is a pure old fashion retro style tricycle, virtually unchanged from the original design – with all corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Lovely design
  • Other fancy stuff – bell with great sound, tassels
  • Rear steps

  • Topples when turning handlebars too quickly in higher speed
  • Recommended age: 2-5 years (but even 3year old may have problems)
  • Dimensions approximately: 32" x 24" x 22"


Retro design

Cherry red lovely old school design, this trike is really beautiful – stylish white-red tassels, chrome ringing bell and front fender are added to even exaggerate it. And the bell has a really great sound!

A sturdy steel construction indicates good durability, it will serve you more than five years. It is also easy to ride thanks to the rubber tires, steel spoked wheels and smooth seat.

A double deck rear step is used so that kids can climb onto the seat easily or ride with a passenger. The assemblage is easy and doesn`t take long.

Can tip over

One thing you should know when considering purchasing this trike is that this isn`t any plastic low-riding bike that never tips over. It is rather an advanced tool to have a lot of fun and learn balance and control before moving onto a real bicycle and has to be approached as such.

The seat is quite high above the ground which enables much more effective pedaling than most of the other trikes – but also makes it less stable. So when riding fast, don`t make a quick turn, otherwise it can topple. For example the Schwinn Roadster uses different kind of design to prevent this issue.

Recommended age

The official recommended age is from 2 years – however most of the kids won`t be able to reach the pedals at this age, smaller children will have problems even at 3 years. So the safe starting age lies somewhere around 3-3,5 year.

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