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The Alex Ready, Set, Go! is one of the most many-sided tricycles available today – it features an extreme number of various improvings and features, one of the reviewer even labeled it as the "Swiss army knife of preschool transportation" 🙂

It`s our most recommended tricycle for toddlers.

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  • Three trikes in one
  • Sturdy, safe and durable
  • Lot of other bonuses (canopy, brake, seat belt etc.)

  • none significant
  • Recommended age: 10 months and up
  • Dimensions: 27" x 18,5" x 39" (to the top of the handle)

Three ways to ride

Simply – you get a trike that grows with your kid. There are many options which parts to omit and how to set some others – basically it comes down to three main stages:

  • pushing and steering – starting at 10 months, your kid will get a complete safety – high seat with a headrest, seat belt and safety bar preventing any fall and also a supportive footrest. By using the handle you push and steer the tricycle.
  • only help with control – (ca 15 months) – after the child gets a little older you can remove the headrest and safety bar and unlock the handlebars – so you still control the movement but your kid can steer.
  • riding on their own – (ca 24 months) – and the final stage when you just detach the steering handle, fold up the footrest and it becomes a classic trike your kids can ride on their own.

The steering handle is adjustable to 5 positions which is great – you can set it as you like for your height or even other kids can use it. The steering itself is easy, smooth and works well.

There are rubber wheels used – great for indoor use but not so effective outside. The assembly is quite easy and quick, only the instruction manual is not so good (small pictures without text).

Sturdy and durable

The Ready, Set, Go! Trike looks quite cheaply on the first sight – just a brightly colored plastic. But don`t let it fool you, there is well made metal frame under it which makes it very sturdy and durable – a nice idea!

Safety and other features

A lot of emphasis has been evidently put on safety – we have already mentioned the safety bar and seat belt holding the child securely in the seat. Plus there is a parking brake to lock the vehicle in place – a nice little advantage. It`s located in the back so it can be turned on just with one foot. The trike is also not prone to tipping.

And the number of widgets goes on – a bottle holder on handlebars, rear basket for carrying stuff and a detachable overhead canopy against the sun – adjustable to preferred position.

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